The mission of the Bissolo Gabriele Group is to meet the needs of the customers, employees and property, in a context of sustainable economic development with a careful respect for the nature.
On the one hand the mission is the "intent declaration" which the Group's companies want to follow. On the other hand the strategy is the set of operational and organizational decisions to be implemented to make the mission possible, especially in a "perturbed” economic environment as the current one appears to be.
The research of quality and taste of the products, the reduced production and processing costs, combined with the respect for the health of the consumers, are the appropriate response in order to achieve success in today's market situation. This market situation obliges us to achieve an increasing level of competition in all respects.
The enhancement of human resources has always been a strength and excellence of the Bissolo Group. For years, the management has been pointing towards a growing professionalism of the employees and safety at the workplace. Currently we have 30 employees in the three Italian companies and 50 in the other three foreign companies (over 200 workers are employed during the harvest period). This is the highest number in the history of the Bissolo Group. Therefore, we consider highly strategic and socially valuable the achieving of this result.

The Farm's Passion

The leading principle of our work is the passion for the land.

We want to be sure that our clients take care and have awareness when they choose what they eat.

The principle that inspires our business activities is the pursuit of freshness of the products and the health of our customers.

In our job we put passion and enthusiasm, which are the basis of all great projects.

For 25 years we have cultivated the idea of bringing to your table high-quality products, the same that we want on our own table.

Daily fresh products, such as freshly harvested.