The 2009 is the year of the establishment of the Bissolo Gabriele Farm in Belarus. Born from the privatization of a former Kolkhoz (Collective Farm) near the town of Kobrin, the farm operates on an area of 2,750 hectares and is located in an agricultural environment characterized by extensive cultivations, with predominance of the production of cereals and livestock activities.

Belarus is part of the Community of Independent States (CIS), in addition to Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Bloc, to which markets are directed almost all the products of by Bissolo Gabriele Farm. The benefits to be a member of the CIS are significant:

• There are no barriers and customs duties;
• Proximity to final customers (Lower transportation costs and shorter delivery times).

In addition, the flat configuration of the land owned by the farm greatly facilitates agriculture, especially that with extensive character. Another key advantage is the low production costs.

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